Gixon Artist Profile Brief

Video Profile Goals

  • to connect with the music lover
  • Trust (no stranger)
  • To get a feeling of the real life experience

Gixon Artist Video 30 Sec. Max

  • Record or upload a vertical video
  • Perform in bright setting, 1-2 m. from the lens
  • The background should be neutral and clean
  • Use natural light while recording.
  • Don’t make the video directly to the natural light or window.
  • If natural light is not possible, try indirect light through the roof or walls

Good examples

Gixon Artist Profile Guideline


  • Descibes you as an artist
  • Musicians get the best response when the profile has been written with care and attention
  • We recommend you to write the profile in the first person to make it approachable

Profile Photo

  • Gives music lovers their first impression of you

Good examples

Bad examples

Not a picture of you.

Shows other people.

Face not clearly shown and wearing sunglasses.

Black and white photo.


  • Your real name (to build the trust in the community)
  • Biography (About me)
  • Write a short overview of your artistic career. show who you are, keep it sociable!

Recommended content for Artist Profile

  • Career Highlights
  • Styles you perform
  • Other interesting information

Forbidden content for Artist Profile

  • Abusive or derogatory content
  • Nudity
  • Passing off other people’s work as your own
  • Anything that breaches copyright

Music Genres (Music styles)

  • All genres you play
  • Set list – give examples of the songs you play
  • Do you take song requests?


  • Choose which type of events you are willing to perform at


  • What instruments do you play? Gixon is for both singers and musicians.

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