Zoom Instructions for Artists

Meet a world of new fans! Play for online gigs!

 With Gixon, you can play 5 or 15 minutes online gigs using Zoom.

 Zoom is a third-party cloud platform that lets you perform online to an invited audience.

 Here’s how to set up your account for online gigs:

  • Create a Zoom account by going to zoom.us and signing up for free.
  • Once your account is created in Zoom, click ‘schedule a meeting’.
  • In the Topic field, type ‘Gixon Events’
  • In the Time field, select any time (in your time zone) and any duration
  • Select ‘Waiting Room’ (This gives you control over which people can attend your online gig.)
  • Under video, select Host-ON, and Participant-OFF
  • Click ‘Save’.
  • This will lead to your unique and secure Zoom link. To the right of this link, click to ‘copy’.
  • Go into your Gixon ‘My Listing’ page, and choose ‘Online’.
  • Paste your Zoom link (only the URL) into the ‘Your Zoom link’ field.
  • Then, you can select a price for your 5 minute and 15 minute online gigs. These should be lower than your In-Person fees.

Congratulations! Now you’re ready to perform live via Zoom to fans anywhere in the world!

How to Perform Your Online Gig

Once you have accepted a request for an online gig, the host will receive your private and secure Zoom link.

Be completely ready to begin playing at least 10 minutes before your gig is scheduled to begin.

A few minutes before your gig, log into your Zoom account and activate your meeting link. You will be able to allow guests into your gig at your discretion.

Guests may choose to have their microphone and/or video on, but make sure you ‘mute’ their microphones when you are playing so the music isn’t interrupted by background noise.

Before the gig begins, make sure to open up your Gixon app, go to the event, and swipe to ‘START’ your event. This is essential!

Have a great performance!

Once the gig is over, swipe ‘EVENT COMPLETED’ in your Gixon app, which opens up the gig for that all-important review process—and so your payment can begin processing!

Thanks for making Gixon an excellent place for artists and music lovers to meet up—even when meeting up is done virtually!